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Everyone’s life journey ends differently. For some of us, it’s important to be surrounded by family and friends, and to know that we’ve touched the hearts of those we love. For others, the goal is to create a legacy that will continue to impact lives for decades to come. For still others, it’s important to fill each day with as much energy and excitement the world has to offer.

No matter what kind of memories you’d like to leave behind, we encourage you to leave them in our keeping. With over 75 years of service and 70 acres of beautiful, park-like scenery, Greenlawn Memorial Park is the largest perpetual care cemetery in Columbia, SC. From the day we first opened our gates in 1939, we’ve worked hard to create a place where you and your loved ones can feel at peace.

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A Walk through the Past

The best cemeteries aren’t the ones that serve the most families or have the largest grounds. They aren’t the ones with the flashiest landscaping or the newest technology. Because you’re talking about a location that will serve as your final resting place, it’s also important to find a place that speaks to your soul.

At Greenlawn Memorial Park, we strive to accomplish that very thing. We’ve taken advantage of the natural South Carolina flora and fauna, creating beautiful surroundings with dogwoods, crepe myrtle trees, live oaks, and a beautiful contemplation lake. Whether you visit during the early morning hours, when the birds are just beginning to rise, or you stop by in the balmy evening air as the sun sets over the lake, you can not only see the difference our environment makes to your peace of mind—you can feel it.

And because our perpetual care fund ensures that our memorial garden will remain the quiet and secluded space you see before you today, you can always rely on our park continuing to provide serenity and excellent service for years to come.

How Will You Be Remembered? 

Memorial Parks have the benefit of providing a permanent memorial that will become an important part of your family’s story. From traditional burial sites, private estates and family mausoleums to cremation niches and cremation plots, you can tell this story however you want. We provide the setting and you select the details—and the result is a unique memorial experience that belongs to you and you alone.

A permanent bronze or granite memorial for ground burial can also be designed.  This permanent memorial is one of the few reminders of a life well-lived that will endure the test of time.  Bronze and granite memorial designs allow for much more than names and dates. Pictures, sayings, or even your loved one’s very own signature can be used to create a permanent memorial that tells the story of a lifetime.

It’s an experience we recommend you start today. When you choose to purchase a cemetery plot well in advance of your death, you can not only ensure that you have your desired location within the memorial park, but you can take advantage of lower rates, personalized service, and the gift of serenity to your family. 

The Greenlawn Memorial Park Difference

Greenlawn Memorial Park has been serving Columbia families since 1939, and we’ll continue to be a part of the community for years to come. Because we put the needs and desires of the families we serve above all else, you’re always welcome to call us at (803) 776-1092 for more information on how you can begin planning your memorial.

As Veteran Funeral Specialists, we will gladly coordinate burial honors for those courageous veterans that sacrificed so much for our country.

A memorial park is more than a cemetery—it’s a place of peace, of rest, and of family legacies. Begin your legacy today. Let us show you how.